I don’t know what matters more, success or persistence. I have never been a designer nor a calculating individual, but “was” an agitator of men; Sometimes I went too far, but if I hadn’t, Ferrari would not be what it is.

The word “Dettaglio”, when translated from Italian means “detail” and it is the “details” that are our focus on a relentless pursuit of endless improvement.

Dettaglio represents a brand that is deeply rooted in pride and passion; and is one with an affinity for the details of a product that are of an authentic quality. Following suit to the generations before, we do not seek to become a large format, quantity builder; we do not seek to gain the accolades or notoriety from anyone other than our clients, and rather choose to remain intensely focused on our beliefs. This mindset enables us to keep our product and services pure, transparent, and without any dilution.

We invite you to look beyond the surface, to take a new path..


Dettaglio is a product-minded company. Each project is recognized as its own; containing its unique assemblies, characteristics, challenges, and features. In other words, we operate under the mindset that all houses are not built or assembled the same. Instead, each project is carefully created under close observation, minding the details along the way, and searching for the best ways to incorporate our innovations. This type or work requires only effort, and it is the effort that we believe sets us apart.


Clients, today, are faced with more options to consider and decisions to make throughout the build process than ever before. Projects are constantly being pushed to greater design demands, tighter tolerances, and faster deadlines. It requires great leadership and integrity to navigate through complicated projects. Even in this environment, we hold firm, an unwavering commitment to our core principles of honesty, respect, and transparency, offering a client their greatest reassurance.


We have set out to work with the most proven professionals, best materials available, and most competent craftsman the market has to offer. Further, we are able to draw from a contact base that stretches across North America and deep into Europe. Such a network has taken generations to establish, and the ability to engage this kind of team, is what we believe gives the project the best chance to succeed and in turn, offering the client exactly what it is they are after.


We are driven by our passion! Setting lofty goals and managing each detail to ensure those goals are met, is a daily exercise that we take great pride in; and by observing the world around us with an open mind, enables further growth in our competencies. To Dettaglio, building a home is a craft in which one is able to put their name on the result.


An architect once told me that truly good design is more than meets the eye; that sometimes a room or space just feels right and there isn’t a feature in particular to pinpoint as to why the space is so comfortable. This concept just might be the source of our pride. We are not only concerned with the design features outside the walls, but are concerned with every feature from start to finish and ultimately creating the most livable, well crafted homes we can.